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Slow Motion

22 Apr
Well Duh!

photo by me

Sometimes we need to be reminded of the obvious.  Remember that fable about the tortoise and the hare?  What was the moral of that story?  Right, fastest isn’t always best.  Continue reading


Notes on a Recipe – Bon Appetit Shrimp and Garlicky Beans with Feta

20 Apr

BA Shrimp

Every dog may have its day, but there’s no telling how long that day may be in coming.  If that dog happens to be named Bon Appetit’s Garlicky Beans with Feta and Mint, it is my sincere hope that I never see that day in my lifetime.  Since going all South Beach in the kitchen, I have tried to overcome my dislike of garbanzo beans.  There’s something about their texture that just does not work for me.  They’re not gritty on the tongue but they’re not smooth either.  Maybe because they are unlike any other food I enjoy eating, I can’t get past my consistency prejudice. And calling them chickpeas isn’t fooling me. Continue reading

Holy Mole

15 Apr

Holy Mole

Forgive me, for I have sinned.  I have been unfaithful…to my Chicken Mole.  I’m sure that as indiscretions go, this one is pretty minor.  But I can’t help myself.  Even though I already have a perfectly fine South Beach recipe for Chicken Mole, when I spotted Oxana Chicken Mole listed in the Bon Appetit cookbook, temptation led me astray. Continue reading

Notes on Cooking with SFC

25 Mar

Chili Rub

Each week, SFC picks one meal that he will cook.  As hard as it is for me not to jump in and take over on these nights, I really do like the days when I’m just the sous chef.  I’m much happier sitting on the couch turning the pages of a book than standing over a stove whisking or reducing.

We did have to establish one major rule though.  The first time we make a recipe, we do not deviate from it as written.  No substitutions, no omission, no tinkering with technique.  Ok, so maybe we do allow minor substitution and omissions.  But we do not deviate from technique.  It may sound a bit harsh but how can someone new to cooking know what steps are critical and what steps are negotiable?  I’ve been standing at the stove for years and I still try and stick to this rule anytime I try a new recipe. Continue reading

Blind Date

16 Mar


Recipe testing is the culinary equivalent of blind dating.  You hear about a hot new recipe and instantly know you are meant to be together.  You begin to doodle your initials  and “I Heart” on grocery lists and daydream how wonderful your life together will be.  You get lost thinking about how intoxicating he will smell and what it will be like when your lips finally meet.  Will you be able to control yourself?  Or will you just have to go back for more? Continue reading


2 Mar

Fool me once…shame on you.  Fool me twice…won’t get fooled again.  Or some such nonsense.

But being fooled isn’t always the same as being foolish.  Case in point, pancakes.  I’ve never been a big pancake fan, unless they were being cooked up by my grandmother, but sometimes I just get a taste for them.  Here on the South Beach side of the street, pancakes aren’t something you are going to be eating.  Unless, those pancakes aren’t really pancakes at all.  Don’t believe me? Continue reading

Chili Tonight. Hot Tamale.

19 Jan

I know I spend too much time in front of the television.  I know I spend too much time in front of the television watching cooking shows.  I know that when it comes to the kitchen, I don’t know how to share.  Spending so many years living by myself, or with SFC overseas, I’ve come to regard the kitchen as mine, Mine, MINE.

But you know what?  There are couples who enjoy working together in the kitchen.  And they make it look effortless.  Don’t believe me?  Then just watch one episode of Down Home with the Neelys.  Pat and Gina Neely are the subject of a running discussion with some friends.  Their show has a subtext that has nothing to do with food.  It’s about cooking all right, just not in a kitchen.  Which I guess, makes sense. Cooking for someone is a very intimate expression of caring.  So I can see how two people might be able to express their desires for each other while making a meal together.  From the looks of things, it gets hot in their kitchen! Continue reading