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The Wait Is Over

18 Apr


SFC got off the bus this morning in Elkton, where months ago I watched him depart. The show of support from family, friends, and the residents was moving.

You can watch a video one of the local tv stations posted on their website here:

It’s been the BEST day I’ve had in almost a year!


Going, Going, Gone

16 Mar

After 16 days at home, SFC headed back overseas yesterday. His visit wasn’t nearly long enough but we enjoyed every second of it.

We stayed in, we went out. We spent time alone, we visited with friends. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Final Boarding Call

27 Feb

Lots of waiting yesterday for word from SFC about his leave. At 7:30pm he called to say he was in Kuwait. Then a little after midnight he called back to say he should be home sometime Thursday.

I’ve still got a million things to get done before he walks in the door. Looks like it’s going to be a busy day…and I couldn’t be happier!


19 Feb

7 days

168 hours

10,080 minutes

604,800 seconds

Until SFC (hopefully) is on his way home for a visit. Not that I’m counting or anything ; )

Bust A Move

6 Feb

16.May.08 Update – Sadly the video attached to this post over on Blogger didn’t migrate : (

Go to to view

Hasn’t been much to update lately. According to SFC, an overseas cable got cut which resulted in crappier than usual internet for him. But I got this from him today.

Some of my guys with way too much time on their hands. It’s so stupid, it’s funny. There are some shots of the rooms where my guys live. I live in something identical – just no x-mas tree. They shot the first part of it at the range. I had stopped by but had left and had no clue they were filming!!!

Where to Go? What to Do?

15 Jan

SFC called this morning. Always a good way to start a Tuesday (or any day). We got to talking about his upcoming visit home. And for once, I have absolutely no master plan.

He prefers not to fly anywhere. Can’t say as I blame him what with the trip home taking something like an entire day. So that leaves us with the car.

Where can we go that’s within a few hours drive from Exit 51? We’ve made several trips to NYC, visited Western Maryland/West Virginia last deployment, and early March is too durn cold for the beach.

Chattin’ With SFC

22 Dec

Here’s what he’s been saying lately:

SFC – Looks like I’m gonna spend x-mas guarding the rear gate of the chow hall. Top that!!
Me – You are kidding right?
SFC – Nope and I think Roth is gonna join me for moral support.
SFC – We’ve had a million details this month and one of them is to guard the chow hall rear gate. It also turns out it’s on the 25th and I decided to take it so no kidding.

Now, the funny thing is that we joke that his most important job is guarding the ice cream at the chow hall. And then he pulls this assignment….coincidence? I think not.