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Ina’s Buns

4 Mar
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I haven’t gotten around to trying Ina’s Easy Sticky Buns.  But online, I’ve come across folks who have.  And the results are a mixed bag.

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2 Mar

Fool me once…shame on you.  Fool me twice…won’t get fooled again.  Or some such nonsense.

But being fooled isn’t always the same as being foolish.  Case in point, pancakes.  I’ve never been a big pancake fan, unless they were being cooked up by my grandmother, but sometimes I just get a taste for them.  Here on the South Beach side of the street, pancakes aren’t something you are going to be eating.  Unless, those pancakes aren’t really pancakes at all.  Don’t believe me? Continue reading

Notes on a Recipe – AB’s Overnight Oatmeal

16 Feb


My introduction to the Food Network came courtesy of Alton Brown and Good Eats.  In thirty minutes, he not only presents multiple recipes, but he explains the “why” of it all.  I guess I’m not the only person who wants to understand the how and why of the kitchen.  Did I mention he makes it entertaining?  Props and skits illustrate concepts or give brief history lessons.  At the end of a show, I feel like I’ve really learned something and I get new recipes too.  Five years of college and all I can show you is  an unframed degree and student loan payment coupons….I definitely think I’m getting a better value from Mr. Brown. Continue reading

Weekend With Ina

2 Feb


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One interesting thing about having the latest Barefoot Contessa cookbook, the one that the current season of the Food Network show is based on, is that I get to see Ina prepare the recipes.  And to be honest, there were some recipes in the book that didn’t get me too excited, but when I saw her make it on the show, I couldn’t stop drooling over them.  Case in point, the Easy Sticky Buns. Continue reading

Pecking Order

12 Sep

The ants are back.  Instead of climbing the walls of the building, they are swarming our trashcan.  There must be something irresistible down there to cause this urban safari.  Emerging from a crack in the sidewalk is a steady line of workers on their way to the target.  Mixed into the line are the ants that have already collected their bounty and are headed back to the colony.  They meander this way and that, around debris laying on the ground and each other.  Watching it reminds me of bumper cars. The zig, they zag, they bump off of one another, and they get back on course. And then the intruders show up. Continue reading

Mission Impossible

20 Aug

The beauty of South Beach Phase 2 is that you get to reintroduce foods that were to be avoided during Phase 1.  Sounds easy enough, right?  The catch is that you aren’t getting an even swap.  That cereal we munched on in the days before South Beach?  That’s gone.  Instead of Raisin Bran, you get something that’s high fiber but low sugar.  And that can take some sleuthing out. I found this out the hard way. Continue reading