Pub Portrait - Velvety and Close

“Life is a highway”

Attribute that quote to whomever you like, but it describes my philosophy.  You start in one place, finish in another, and have countless intersections, detours, and exit ramps along the way.  Like many of life’s journeys, this adventure started out with one destination in mind but ended up going in a completely different direction.

Exit 51 started as a way to keep in touch with my husband (SFC) while he was overseas (see “You Are Here” ) and for our families and friends to stay on top of any news from him.  But since it gets boring to write “no news” day after day, I started talking about random things.  Before too long, it became clear that food was the biggest thing going on at Exit 51.

I’m Wendi and now I share my tales from the stovetop and other random musings and observations about this stretch of life’s highway.  Thanks for stopping by.  Hope your visit has been enjoyable and we see you around these parts again soon.


One Response to “About”

  1. Brooks C. Sackett 30 January 2013 at 8:55 am #

    Dear Wendi,
    I was travelling in California and a friend and I decided to cook together and I recommended Jacques Pepin’s great Scallops Grenobolise. The search took me to your “Nov 12 Notes . . .” commentary. Thank you for that!
    We made the dish with drained Kirkland (Costco) Pink Grapefruit sections and it was still a great dinner!
    Thanks again and ala Jacques, Happy Cooking!

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