Julie & Julia

15 Jul


Did you think that I would not eventually get around to talking about this?  The movie trailer has made its way across the Internet and the movie opens soon.  So I guess it’s about time for my two cents on the whole Julie/Julia thing.

To be completely honest, I enjoyed the book.  I read it during one of SFC’s deployments…must have been the first one, I can’t really remember.  It was probably the first “food” book that found its way into my hands.  Since then, there’s been Anthony and Paula and Molly and Amanda.  And like snowflakes, they’re all different and special in their own ways.

And I am looking forward to watching the movie, eventually.  I think casting Meryl Streep as Julia Child was utterly brilliant.  But the fuss that food bloggers are making over the movie scares me. It’s almost as though it’s implied that you can’t say you appreciate food unless you flock to the movie on opening day or somehow pay homage to the Project.  I’ve run across the movie trailer on more food sites than I can count so maybe I’m a little over saturated with Julie and Julia at the moment and my enthusiasm just needs a little time on the back burner to come up to to a simmer.

Or maybe I need to find more pieces like the one over at MattBites.  I love that he looked at the food in the movie.  Because, in my opinion, the food is a central a character to this story as Julie and Julia are.  Without the food, Julia Child would have never existed as we knew her and Julie Powell would have never endeavored to Master the Art of French Cooking.

So don’t worry about saving me a seat in the throngs of Foodies and Supper Clubbers who flock en masse to the nearest theater on August 7th.  I’ve already got the movie in my Saved Titles on Netflix.  And who knows, I may just channel my own inner Julia and whip up a tasty little snack to nosh on while I watch it.  Enjoy your popcorn and Bon Appetit hon!


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