Market Report

12 Jun

Green Onions Shrooms  Let Us  Shrooms

There are no shortages of Farmer’s Markets around Exit 51 this time of year.  But I never seem to get to them.  I know that I should, but I just don’t make the time.  So I was excited to hear that there was a new Farmer’s Market on Saturday afternoons at Green Spring Station.  Finally, a market that worked with my schedule.

According to what I read online, there are 28 vendors participating.  I can’t say that all of them were there when I visited but it was the first weekend and I was there right when it opened.  Maybe additional stalls were set up after I left.

What I did see was lovely fresh greens, hearty mushrooms, and colorful flowers.  Price wise, some of the vendors were high.  $4 for crimini mushrooms?  Yes, they are organic, but I can get nonorganic ones for half as much at The Fresh Market.  Sorry, but I’m trying to shop smarter.  And that’s the other thing about the Farmer’s Market, you’ve got to remember to bring cash.  I was digging around in my pocket to pull together $2.50 for the sweetest green apples I’ve ever tasted.

Hopefully things at the Green Spring Station Farmer’s Market will come together in the next few weeks.  I’ll let you know what I find when I stop back.  In the meantime, I’ve got to get myself back over to the Farm Stand in Parkville where I got that phenomenal asparagus.  I bet they have a bunch of new fruits and vegetables coming in.


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