Ina’s Buns

4 Mar
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I haven’t gotten around to trying Ina’s Easy Sticky Buns.  But online, I’ve come across folks who have.  And the results are a mixed bag.

First was The Amateur Gourmet.  His post was titled Burnt Sticky Buns.  Pretty much sums it up.

Then Meleyna posted her tale.

I have to say that I’ve lost some of my enthusiasm to try this recipe.  If The Amateur Gourmet can’t bring a Barefoot Contessa recipe to life, then what chance do I stand?  But I suppose I’ll never know until I try.  What about you?  Have you tried it yet?

Over at, that recipe has gotten mostly positive reviews.  I just dunno.  Someone, please, help me decide what to do about Ina’s Buns.


One Response to “Ina’s Buns”

  1. meleyna 4 March 2009 at 8:14 pm #

    They definitely aren’t bad–they’re actually quite good. It just depends what you’re looking for in a sticky bun. I prefer mine with a yeasted dough–these ones don’t have that. So its really just up to personal preference!

    Also, I’ve moved my site and that post is now over here.

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