About Face

15 Nov

SFC and I have this ongoing discussion about Facebook.  He’s been on it for a few months thanks to the Lambda Chi’s.  Evey time his Blackberry buzzes, I tell him that it is Facebook calling. 

All this time, I resisted the invitation to join.  My friends sent me emails about the wonders of Facebook.  Facebook this.   Facebook that.  You’d think it was the polio vaccine for all the hype.  But I had my doubts. 

And then at lunch today, my friends CH and LB said that they were on Facebook.  Well Christ, am I the only person NOT on Facebook?  So I did it.  I signed up.  God help me.

I can report that no, there are many people I know who are not on FB.  But to those people to whom I did send Friend Requests…I don’t want to the be one person on FB with no friends, so please, befriend me.  I can’t promise you bling or Christmas decorations, or notes on your wall to wall (what the heck is that?), but I’m a good friend.  Honest.


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