Dangerously Delicious

15 Oct

After weeks of forgetting to remember to get on over to the newest Dangerously Delicious Pies (DDP) location in Hampden, the opportunity to do so fell into my lap courtesy of ‘Da Mom. DDP Hampden is conveniently located between her ‘hood and mine.  So when we were trying to figure out where to meet for a late lunch, our mutual love of all things pie demanded to be recognized. 

The Hampden shop has a different personality than the one in Federal Hill.  DDP FH is where you go to see the magic happen.  It’s bare bones decor isn’t necessarily warm or welcoming.  But odds are that the person taking your order had a hand in making your pie.  I like that.  It conveys a sense of pride in the product.

DDP H is where you can comfortably sit and linger over a slice.  The shop is in what used to be a teahouse.  So the space is a little more formal than its FH sibling.  The dining room is open and inviting and is bathed in sunlight from the storefront.

Don’t make my mistake of failing to notice the huge blackboard that lists the day’s pies.  How I was able to walk right past without seeing it?  That’s my special gift.

The menu had a mix of sweet and savory pies.  Being in a lunch mood, I opted for savory – Steak and Mushroom.  What I got was a heavenly combination of flaky, tender crust, moist cubes of steak, and a velvety white sauce.  I didn’t notice an abundance of mushrooms in my slice, but that’s how it goes sometimes.

I declined a slice for dessert.  As much as I do love pie, two slices for one meal is a bit much.  On a whole, it’s probably not someplace I’ll go often just because it’s hard to really do an entire meal there.  But for those times when I want to wow company with a seriously good pie or just give myself a little treat, DDP is my dangerously delicious secret.


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