Food Issues

17 Sep

Big Kitty Kitty

How many of us actually enjoy eating alone?  I don’t.  And you know who else doesn’t?  My cat Shadow.  He’s a bit of an oddball.  And he’s got some serious food issues.

The second I walk in the front door after work, he’s all “Feed Me, FEED ME NOW!” But it’s not enough for me to put a scoop of food into his dish.  No, I have to stand there for him to start eating.  I can walk away but the next time Shadow sees me walking anywhere near the kitchen, he races expecting more food because he didn’t finish what I’d already given him.  Silly cat.  And quite worrisome when we’re away for more than a weekend.  I figure that eventually he gets hungry enough while we’re gone to just suck it up and eat alone.  But I don’t think he likes it.

He also doesn’t like food that has been sitting out too long.  If there is food in his dish when I get home from work, he still expects a fresh scoop (I didn’t eat it all but I want more, that’s what he thinks but I’m on to him).  So we play the food game.  I dump whatever is left in his bowl back into the bag and then give him a scoop.  It never fails to work.  If this were wet food we were talking about, I could understand it.  I don’t like my food to get all dried out and nasty either.  But c’mon, this is dry food.  Sitting out?  Not making it any drier.

He’s got one last food issue that amuses me.  The new kitchen saw the dawn of ice and water through the door of our fridge.  And now, anytime Shadow hears ice coming out of the refrigerator, he comes running into the kitchen expecting to be fed.  Do you remember that old dog food commercial with the Chuck Wagon?  Covered wagon running through the kitchen, ringing the dinner bell, with a little dog trying to catch it.  Substitute ice cubes from the fridge for the chuck wagon and a big cat for the little dog and it’s about the same thing. Pavlov can keep his dog and his bell.  I’ve got Shadow and the ice maker!


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