Floppy Hat Night

8 Aug

SFC and I decided to take in an O’s game AND get this year’s Floppy Hat.  Now I must say, the team has done this promotion for years and some years the hat is better than others.  This year’s?  Not so good I’m afraid.  It’s less floppy hat and more, I dunno, sailor cap, sous chef hat, I’m sure there’s a much better way to describe it but it escapes me.

Anyhow, besides all that floppy hat excitement and the late game runs scored by the O’s (they still lost), the highlight of the game was watching a member of the grounds crew do some spectacular running.  There was a story in the paper recently but really, you need to see this guy do his thing.

This was his third trip out that game.  The first time, I just sat there kind of stunned and watched him do his thing.  The second time, I thought ‘too bad I didn’t catch that on video’.  So the third time he came out, I was ready.  My floppy hat’s off you to Mr. Fast Running Groundskeeper Guy!!!


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