Would You Believe?

16 Jul

Rose Levy Beranbaum talked to me?   Well she did. And I can prove it.

Ok, so it’s not like we had a leisurely chat over coffee or anything. She was on today’s Free Range on Food chat hosted by the Washington Post. Seeing as how I had drooled all over myself reading her pie recipes, this was an opportunity I just couldn’t pass up to ask a few questions.

So I did.  And she answered ’em.  Check it out:


Pitting Cherries: How exactly does one pit a cherry? Especially without the aid of a pitter? Is it dreadfully wrong to cut them in half?

Rose Levy Beranbaum: use a large old-fashioned hair pin–insert the looped end into the stem end of the cherry and fish it out. this disrupts the cherry the least. i wouldn’t cut them in half–it changes the texture and therefore the flavor perception as well.


Oh My, Cherry Pie!: Regarding the Cherry Pie, can the filling be prepped ahead of time (say a day or two) and kept in the fridge?

Also, is it safe to place a pyrex glass baking dish on the pizza stone that lives in the bottom of my oven?

Rose Levy Beranbaum: yes it is! but don’t take a pyrex dish directly from the freezer to a hot solid surface such as a stone.


Oh My Pie Follow Up: Thanks for the tip on the pyrex and pizza stone. What are your thoughts on prepping the filling a day or two in advance and keeping it in the ice box? Does the texture suffer too greatly?

Rose Levy Beranbaum: since the fruit will break down somewhat on baking i don’t think you’d notice a difference in texture storing covered in the frig. until the next day.


How cool is that?


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