Now You See It, Now You Don’t

8 Jun

Not even two days after I was drooling over the prospect of a great new eatery here in Charm City, I am sad.  Sad because one of my favorite special occasion restaurants is gone.  Poof. 

Taste appears to be closed.

I liked this place for one main reason.  Miso Planked Salmon. Here’s the description from their menu – “Salmon on a plank – house specialty, hand cut miso marinated salmon filet grilled on a cedar plank and presented with wasabi cream”.  I swear it was so good I wanted to politely find a way to lick every last bit of that charred plank.

And the fact that once upon a time, I had my very first big girl hair cut in that very same space.  It used to be a shoe store which had a hair salon.  Baltimore, go figure.  I walked in there one day with hair down to my waist.  I walked out sporting a feathered Dorothy Hammill do. 

So despite the fact that I only ever went there a handful of times, I now need a new source of planked salmon goodness.  That’s not something I’m likely to find in my neighborhood.  So if you can hook me up with a recommendation, I’d be mighty obliged to you.


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