The Word Of The Day Is…

20 Sep

Chaos. That would have to be how I’d describe life at the moment. The day I left for Toronto, my contractor got to work. Before I could make it out of the house, the water had been shut off, cabinets pulled out, floors ripped up, and all sorts of other work was underway.

I think one of the reasons I enjoyed my trip so much was because I knew that what waited for me at home would be messy. But I hadn’t really stopped to think about what it would be like living in the house while the work went on. Now I know, it’s overwhelming and trying.

There’s the dust. A lot of it. And it’s everywhere. There’s really no use in trying to sweep because it just stirs everything up and come tomorrow, it’ll all be back.

Everything is out of place. The entire contents of the kitchen and dining room have been spread out to the living room and spare bedroom. The basement wasn’t an option because the unassembled cabinetry is taking up all available floor space. Since nothing is where it should be, it takes me forever to find things. Just trying to wash my face at night takes no less than three trips to find things that used to be at my fingertips.

The only cooking I can do is in the microwave since the old stove is now on the back porch and the new stove can’t be installed until the cabinets are in. And because of all the dust, anything that I use for eating and drinking is in the fridge…boxes of cereal, plastic bowls and utensils, cups of microwave soup, all chilling in the Fridigaire.

But we’re making progress. While I was gone, the bathroom floor was put in and the shower was tiled. So I may walk around a bit dusty but at least I’m not dusty and stinky. The electrician has been in to run new wiring. I can’t wait to see what gone done today.


One Response to “The Word Of The Day Is…”

  1. kate 26 September 2007 at 10:53 pm #

    you and no kitchen is just a bad combo. sounds like it’ll be all awesome and new once it is done but i hope you survive until then. oxox, k8

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