9.11.07 Update from Iraq

11 Sep

The letter below was sent via email by the commander.

11 September 2007

Family, friends, and loved ones,

I wanted to take a few moments and let you know how our soldiers are doing. We are currently completely moved in here at the FOB. The soldiers have moved in to their living quarters, the living quarters are air conditioned with beds and TV. The soldiers have the option of having internet installed for an additional cost but many have chosen not to do so because of the expense. The soldiers are living 2-4 per unit and have been given the option of trading rooms among their friends. The dining facility is a long walk from our living quarters but shuttles are provided to and from chow. The dining facility provides a wide selection of food and is open four times per day for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and midnight chow. Personally, I think the food is great and have not yet eaten at any of the “Fast-food” establishments that offer fast-food for cash.

If you have not heard from your loved ones as often as you would like, it is probably because our soldiers have been extremely busy training for their new mission. We are currently in the process of taking over complete control of our mission here in Iraq. The unit we have replaced has done an outstanding job in providing us with a smooth transition into our mission. They were extremely successful while here in Iraq and have taught us the lessons they have learned in becoming so. We are fortunate to be replacing such a unit willing to teach and mentor us in our new task. Our soldiers have made me very proud in their behavior, maturity, and actions thus far. D Company, our company, will definitely strife for excellence while here in Iraq. We will continue to train hard and focus on the success and safety of our soldiers and unit. Family and loved ones should be very proud of your soldiers for the hard work and focus they have shown over the past two weeks.

Currently we are 112 days into our 400 day deployment, nearly 30% complete! At this time there is no indication that we will be extended on this deployment. The soldier’s morale is high as we continue our mission. I would like to thank all of the families, friends, and loved ones of D Company for your support of our soldiers and unit. Your cards, emails, and care packages help keep our morale high and keep us connected with home, thank you. A special thanks goes to our FRG volunteers who have spent countless hours to assist soldier’s families back at home and I ask all of our families back home to reach out and thank our tireless volunteers through phone calls or email.

I will make every effort to keep our FRG and families informed of our status here in Iraq. Take care and God Bless!


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